10. The Roller Coaster of IM

September 12, 2009

Up and down and up and down and up and down…

I’m kind of frustrated by two things. First, the small amount of traffic I am getting. I say “small” because it is small compared to what I should be getting, or that Google says I should be getting. According to Google’s estimations, my keywords collectively get about 2,700 daily searches, total. Yet I’ve only gotten about 400 views in the past few days, and it seems that I only get traffic whenever a new article is published, and until a new article is published, I don’t get anything. I sat at about 1,800 views for a couple days before a few articles went through, and then it started to go up again. I’m pretty perplexed at why I’m not getting a whole lot of traffic.

Secondly, and perhaps the cause of the first problem, is that only one indexed article is on the front page of Google. Only one! All of the other articles either aren’t indexed yet (understandable), or they’re buried somewhere in the oblivion past page 10. I really don’t understand this, because for most of the keywords, I saw an Ezine article on the front page, so I figured that I had a pretty good chance of making first-page as well — the article wouldn’t even be new, either; it was usually an article that was at least a year old, and still on the front page. Here are a few reasons that I’ve come up with for why my articles aren’t making the first page:

– The competition for most of the keywords is well over 20,000. I know it’s said to keep it under 20,000 (with <10,000 preferable), but since I saw the Ezine article there, I figured I had a chance regardless. That leads into the second reason:

– I didn't check those Ezine articles for backlinks. Several of them probably had backlinks, which is most likely why they're on the front page. I haven't done any backlinking for any of my articles.

– Some keywords were just plain foolish to go after. I checked one of the keywords again and it had over 230,000 competition. What was I thinking?

– My articles could just be doing the Google Dance. On the first page when first published, then dropped into oblivion, and then restored to a good ranking after some time. I hope this is the case.

I'm really not sure what the reason is, or if any of those reasons could be correct at all.

In other news, I've started on the new campaign. I created a hoplink with tracking ID, picked up the .info domain for the redirect, made a new author name on Ezines, and have written five articles already. I may have found a secret in being more productive, because the five articles only took about two hours to write: I wrote them in my dorm room, which does not have internet access, so I couldn't get distracted by things online. I've noticed that I've gotten distracted from writing on several occasions already, and it's cost me more time. I might try writing in my room more often.

There's quite a bit of pressure on this new campaign to perform better than the past two. If this takes two weeks to finish and doesn't yield good results, then I will only have three weeks to find something that does.

I sent a message to a forum member about a method that she uses and has had good success with. I am considering it but I will wait on her response before doing anything with it. The method is the same as what I've been doing, but with some differences in the production area.

For my own reference, these are things that I've found I need to work and improve on:

– More consideration of keywords before I put them on a list to go after. Several in the last campaign were basically a waste of time, and I am going to go through the list for this campaign and weed out any that would be the same.

– Backlinks, backlinks, backlinks. I've seen first-hand the difference that they make, and how they allow an article marketer to target more profitable keywords with more competition, but for some reason I haven't started using them — probably because I'm not sure where to start, where to get the links from, and exactly what to do. I'm going to watch Dave's video on backlinking after I finish this post, and hopefully it will clear things up.

– For goodness' sake, submit to other directories. I haven't submitted anything to any directory other than Ezines, and I know that I need to start using other ones to have a better chance of getting a good rank.

– Use forms of traffic other than search engines. I compiled a small list of other free ways to get traffic, and made a test on one of them. It got me 20 targeted clicks (direct linking) in two days, and this method can definitely be scaled up, so I will probably give it more attention in the future. I certainly want to put my eggs in different baskets and not rely so much on the search engines. I think a good goal for the future would be to have half of the traffic come from the search engines, and the other half from other sources. This would give not only a higher quantity of traffic, but also better stability. It would be ideal to get more traffic from other sources than the search engines, so I don't have to worry so much about the fickle hand of Google.

I'm about to complain to Ezine about how slow they're being. I know they've got a backlog they're working through, but if they say less than three days for Platinum, then they ought to stick to it. 15 articles still pending. Only 2 have been submitted within the last three days. Still waiting on articles that were submitted a week ago. *Grumble grumble.*

Five weeks until the mark. Something has to give…



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