11. And Down…

September 14, 2009

It looks like the “awesome” conversion ratio for the new vendor in the last campaign was just a fluke. 202 clicks so far with just two sales, still. Does anything really convert at better than, say, 1 in 150? If not, I’m going to have to ramp up my traffic a lot if I want to hit the mark. The more I think about it, the more I want to get a list going so I can get better conversions, but the more I realize that I can’t afford $19/month (for Aweber, probably the only autoresponder I’ll use), and the more I realize I would have no idea what I was doing: I don’t know how to properly set up a squeeze page, or write emails, or get a good offer to encourage the opt-in. Of course, I could learn how, but that would almost invariably mean paying more money for a decent course or ebook. I think the only book I would buy on this topic, though, would be Kyle and Caron’s Inside the List. I was a member of Wealthy Affiliate for a month, and even in that short time I could tell that they cared about their members, so I know the book wouldn’t be fluff or packed with useless ideas. If I bought through my own affiliate link, it would only cost $21. So, an autoresponder and e-book would cost $40 at first, and then $19/month thereafter. I could buy it with the small bit of money I’ve made from these few sales, but that money is supposed to be going towards my tuition. Sigh.

I don’t know why I’m still surprised that Ezine continues to take forever. Today will be three days since my most recent submissions, and there are still 12 articles pending from the last campaign; 5 are pending for the new campaign, but those were only submitted on Saturday, so I understand that. I think, if all of the articles from the last niche don’t go through today, that I will send an email and ask what is going on.

Today starts the new 7/day goal. I was intending to write 3 this morning before classes, and then 4 this afternoon to make it a little easier, and possibly squeeze in a few more this afternoon. But I’ve already wasted 45 minutes this morning, and I only have an hour and a half left. I suppose I can still write 3 in an hour and a half though.

October 18th is slowly and menacingly getting closer. I need to make things move if I want to avoid working fast food or telemarketing, since that’s all there is in this town. And even if I get a regular job, the wages will not allow me to pay my tuition in full by the end of the semester. FYI: The college requires that only two-thirds of a semester’s tuition be paid by the end of that semester, so it’s not like I would be expelled if I don’t pay it. A regular job’s wage would be sufficient to cover the two-thirds, so if all else fails, I’m not in dire straits or anything — it’s simply my personal goal and desire to have it completely paid off, so I can start the next semester with a clean slate and not have to worry about being in debt. This semester’s total bill was $3,854. I put down $1,100 at the beginning of the semester, leaving $2,754 total, or about $1,400 to make two-thirds. All balances owed are due on Friday, December 11th. These are the numbers I used to come up with $50/day by October 18th.

Lest I waste any more time, I’m going to write some articles now. I will say one thing though: I sure hope the 5% conversion claimed by the vendor of the new campaign is accurate and not just some ploy to get more affiliates. A number like that would sure be a blessing to have right now.



Well, I got the 7 done and submitted. Surprisingly, a couple of articles from the new campaign made it through before the old ones, but there were problems with them, so I had to edit them. Anybody know what’s up with Ezine saying my resource boxes are too long? The form says 300 words max, and mine are in the 250 range, but they always reject them and say they’re too long. I shortened them to < 200, so let's see what happens. For now, I need to get off and do some homework. 16 projects this semester, and the first one is due in a week. Yay, college!


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