14. A Month and a Day

September 17, 2009


…is all that’s left. Scary, but I’m confident that I will hit the mark.

Speaking of, I’ve also calculated the date by which I will need $50/day to pay the 2/3 of my tuition that is required by the school. I haven’t posted or thought about it much, because my main goal is to pay my tuition in full and not leave any balance. However, the date for the two-thirds is November 14th, which gives me a few more weeks if haven’t quite made it by October 18th. If I am making $50/day by that time, I will be able to pay the two-thirds, which is sufficient as far as my school is concerned. But I don’t want to get comfortable with that date, because as soon as I do, I will slack off and lower the pressure.

I’ve already written two articles, and I hope to do another before classes, so I will only have to write 4 this afternoon. I will have to be done by 6:00 tonight.

Surprisingly, six articles in the new niche were approved before the seven that are STILL pending from the last niche. One of those seven came back with a problem — apparently my resource box is still too long? Even though it’s only 180 words and the submission forms says a max of 300? And even though the six in the new niche were just as long? I think Ezine is making mistakes in its frenzy to catch up their backlog. Not a problem though; I’m focusing on the present campaign because I can see that it has a lot more potential. I checked on those six new articles, and only two haven’t been indexed yet; another two were ranking pretty low on the first page, but they made first page nonetheless; one was first on the second page; and the last was nowhere to be found in the first few pages. I will keep an eye on those that are indexed to see if they stay where they are or if they dance into oblivion, which is what I’m expecting. Now, if Ezine would move through the rest of the new articles as quickly as they did for these, that would be fantastic.

A half hour to write the last article. I’ll get this done and see you in a few hours after classes.



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