16. The New Approach

September 19, 2009

Well, I tested out the new method today, and it doesn’t yield immediate results, so I won’t know how it did for a couple days. I guess that, just like indexing, it takes Google a little while to “update” the changes that have been made. I have 3 more articles that I’m going to apply this strategy to, and then I think I’m going to move on to the weight loss market tactic. I believe I’ll begin that on Monday. I’m a little hesitant about this strategy because, as far as the numbers go, it won’t be as effective as mainstream strategies, but there will be tons less competition, so hopefully it will balance out.

Still no sales to report. I think, at this point, there are one or two reasons why the traffic isn’t converting (I’m at 150 hops and no sales):

– I’m either targeting the wrong kind of traffic, as in the “just looking” or “freebie” kind instead of the “buying” kind, or

– The market isn’t that desperate.

However, both reasons puzzle me. I believe that the keywords I targeted reflect a desperate person in need of a solution, and therefore is ready to buy, and I know for a fact that the market is one of the more desperate kinds — we’re talking about a problem that causes embarrassment, severe health issues, loss of money, and low self-esteem. I’m not sure how much more desperate you can get. Does anyone have any suggestions?

In other news, though, Ezine really got on the ball yesterday and today: 13 articles were approved just today! That leaves only 9 to go before they’re all cleared. The managing editor posted on their blog that they are close to being back on the regular schedule, and apparently that’s true. They must have heard that my awful wrath was about to pour out on them…yes, that’s what happened…

Anyway, I’m going to mess around with the new strategy a little bit. Also, I have a crazy idea about the weight loss promotion that I think I’ll try just for kicks to see if anything happens. Will report back later, if not tomorrow.



3 Responses to “16. The New Approach”

  1. Andy said

    Am I curious to know what you are up to? i can’t even begin to wonder.

    Finally my first 3 articles at ezine that were submitted on Sept 10 have finally hit 3 bars and the next 3 are still sitting at 1 bar.

    I’m taking the non-sale approach for the first 10. That reminds me – I need to write 3 more today at Lunch time.

    I don’t have the guts to go into the weight loss market but I’m sure you’ll be going into a very niche market.

    On the other hand, this “Strategy” you keep talking about still has me a ‘lil perplexed. I read the link you sent me – is that the article writing strategy you are using?

    • roman8389 said


      Apologies for not updating; yesterday was very busy (moving from 6:30am to 8:30pm literally nonstop) and I have been busy with other things today, but I am going to make a post as soon as I am done with this comment.

      Congrats on getting your first 3 in! I challenge you to have all 10 written by Thursday. Get to it!

      Regarding the weight loss idea, it sounds great in theory but I’m having trouble even getting started. I’ll write about that in the next entry.

      About the link: Yes and no. Yes, I am using the strategy, but not in the way that most people are right now. If you’re still confused, reply here or send an email to the address I emailed you with.

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