17. And Up…

September 21, 2009


Well, I’m happy to report that I got the first sale on the current campaign today, for a total of $30! That really excited me and has been a real refreshment after the week-and-couple days of no sales. Unfortunately, it’s taken 250 hops to get that sale. I hope this was just a fluke.

A few new updates:

– For the current campaign, I’m switching my .info to redirect to a physical product to see how it goes. I did this first of all to see if a physical product would convert better, because it could be that my traffic is just hesitant about buying a digital product. This physical item is run through Commission Junction. (Interestingly, I have $15 sitting at CJ for a ringtone effort I made awhile back.) The only hitch in the transition might be some awkwardness on the part of the visitor, because in my resource box, I pitch the product as a “secret,” while the physical product is not much of a secret. I am expecting fairly high conversions, though, because the product offers a free trial (pay S&H) that I still get a commission for. This is very beneficial for the customer because they are pleased with getting a physical product, and the price is much lower than my Clickbank ebook — all they have to pay is a small shipping and handling charge, as opposed to $47. I believe they will be much more ready to buy this product.

– I have realized that you all may not be able to follow my train of thought sometimes, so I will start referring to campaigns and niches by the number I’ve assigned them. This current campaign is 300; the next is 400; the last one was 200. I number them by the hundreds because each article I write fills in the ones and tens: article 326 for the current campaign; 216 for the last, and so on. Hopefully it will make more sense for both of us.

– I experimented with the new strategy over the weekend and it appears that it’s starting to work. For the sake of your curiosity and so I don’t have to tip-toe around it anymore, I will say that it’s a backlinking strategy to boost the ranks of my articles, since they seem to have a bad habit of plummeting into oblivion after a few days. One of my articles already has one backlink, while the other has none. I realized my mistake for the first one though: instead of making a [/a] symbol in the code, I put a [/b] so the link probably didn’t become active. I re-applied the technique with this corrected and we will see what happens now.

– As I said to Andy in my comment, I’ve kind of hit a wall as soon as I’ve started into the weight loss market. I need to figure out exactly how I can approach it and still be effective, not wasting my time. I know that I’m not going to go the same way as most people do, though, because the only mainstream methods with little competition wouldn’t be worth the time it would take to get into them. As far as the medium I would use, I think the best idea is to avoid Google if possible, and go with other ways of sending a message to the market.

– While I was messing around with the backlinking strategy, I experimented with a few free ways of getting traffic outside of Google. I might just be doing it wrong, but after two days, they have very little to show: the most I got was one order form impression.

– Only a few articles from the 300 campaign are still pending. Most approved articles have been indexed. I wrote them in order of search numbers, so the most searched-for keywords are already live, while the less searched-for ones are still waiting to be approved or indexed. As a side-note, I would advise other article marketers to write their articles in this order as well.

– Apparently Ezine has a “ratio” of article body and resource box that you can’t exceed, and this is why a few 200 articles were rejected. I guess you can’t make your resource box look like the focus of the article — the body should be a decent percentage larger. Life would be easier if they told you about that on the submission form, instead of making you wait 2 weeks for an article to be approved.

What am I doing now, you ask? Good question, really… I am going to apply the backlink strategy to 3 more articles while trying to figure out how to approach the weight loss market. I can’t really start writing articles for it until I establish how I’m going to target it. If I’m absolutely unable to break into it, then I will find another market with less competition and continue following Dave’s article marketing techniques. I’m going to give myself the rest of tonight and tomorrow to brainstorm for the weight loss niche. If I don’t come up with anything effective, then I’ll start looking into other markets on Wednesday.

This is completely unrelated to IM, but I have to share it with you. My roommate is looking for a job and doesn’t have a source of income at the moment. He needs $134 to pay this month’s bill for the loan he took out for his tuition. He has been praying that God would open a door, and today he received a check from his church who wanted to help him out — he isn’t employed by his church, didn’t ask for the money, and wasn’t expecting it at all. It was for $100. We went to the bank today so he could deposit it, and his checkbook didn’t match up with the bank’s balance: his bank says that he has more money than he thought. Guess how much more? Exactly $34. How cool is that? The best part is, it’s definitely not a coincidence! David said in Psalm 37:25, “I have been young, and now am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread.” I pray that God will work a similar miracle and grant me enough success with internet marketing so I can pay my tuition and help my mom.



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  1. Andy said

    Any new updates on your progress?

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