8. Meh

September 9, 2009


I’m feeling a bit discouraged right now. I haven’t gotten any sales since Sunday, and it seems like the traffic has almost completely stopped. I’ve only gotten ten views today, when I somehow managed to pull in over 1,000 in a four-day period. For some reason I didn’t bother to check whether the articles for the new campaign made first page after they were indexed, and I think that’s what caused the spike in traffic: Google put them on the first page because they were new content, but now that it’s been a few days, I think they did the Google Dance and dropped down into oblivion. The few that I checked today weren’t on the first page (obviously, I made sure they are indexed). The hop count on Clickbank has plummeted since a few days ago. I hope that I don’t have to keep churning out tons of articles every day just to make the first page for a day or two, and count on that as my only source of traffic. To remedy this, I’m considering a few options:

– Twitter. After I’ve written the 11 articles that are still remaining for this campaign, I think I will set up a Twitter account for this niche and employ a very simple but very effective strategy for getting tons of targeted traffic. I used this strategy for a campaign in the past, but it never became profitable because I was doing almost everything wrong. Still, I was able to get several hundreds of followers interested in that niche within a relatively short amount of time. I have seen marketers using the Twitter -> Article -> Vendor page tactic, and it must be working for them or else they wouldn’t be doing it.

– Backlinks to boost the articles’ ranking if they don’t recover from the Google Dance and make first page. I know I ought to be doing this anyway, but I much prefer the “shotgun method” of putting out tons of articles instead of focusing on only a few. But, if none of the pellets are hitting the target, then something needs to be changed.

– Some other marketing method that doesn’t rely on Google’s fickleness: Google/Yahoo Answers, high-traffic forums, etc.

Other than the traffic problem, I was a little disheartened today after going job-hunting with my roommate. I mostly went for his sake — the college requires two men to go together in order to leave campus, and he doesn’t have a car anyway — but I picked up applications at all the places he went to. I don’t intend to fill any of them out, but at least I have them just in case. That fact, that I might have to end up using them, is discouraging in itself. When people ask what I’m doing for work, I’ve been saying that I’m not sure yet. I feel bad for being deceitful, but I wouldn’t want to tell them, “I’m starting up my own business online,” and then report a few months later that it didn’t work out.

I haven’t told anyone about my affiliate marketing aspirations. Well, let me retract that: I haven’t told anyone that I’m still doing affiliate marketing. I told my mom and one other person about it over the summer, but I think both of them have assumed that it either didn’t work out or that I gave up, because neither have asked about it since I left. My mom would ask about it occasionally, but the other person seemed to think that I was wasting my time and that nothing would become of it. I know my mom would be supportive if I told her, but I also know that she would silently worry about my financial stability since I wouldn’t be getting a guaranteed paycheck. She has enough to worry about; I don’t want to put another burden on her. I definitely don’t want to tell the other person until I am pulling in a decent, consistent income, because I don’t think they would be supportive at all — I think the most I would get is “do what you want.” In fact, I think a small bit of doubt would still be there under the surface, even if I were pulling in $1,000 checks every other week, just because they would claim that the work has no guaranteed stability, and I could lose it all at the drop of a hat. They have said things along these lines before, but I don’t understand that claim since, if anything, this work is more stable than a regular job, at least in this economy: People are always buying things regardless of the economy, and a marketer can always make a living based on that fact alone.

Ezine is also taking its sweet time approving my articles. ONE article has gotten approved today, and it was the one for the last campaign (finally), so it’s no good as far as I’m concerned. The other 18 are still sitting there, and only half of them have gotten to the 3/5 mark.

I’ve only written 3 articles today, and I have 2 hours left to work. Maybe I can squeeze out 3 or 4 more. I’m writing this post mainly to waste time, since I’m really unmotivated at the moment, for the above reasons and others. I’m hoping to finish up the articles for this campaign by Friday, so on Saturday I can either start a new campaign or dig for more keywords in this one. I’m thinking I’ve pretty much exhausted all profitable keywords for this one, though. I think a new topic would be refreshing.

Nothing to do but get back to work, I guess. *Sigh* I really hope this all works out…



I managed to write only 2 more articles for a total of 5 today. At least I made my goal. I’m a little more motivated than I was when I made this post an hour and a half ago. Only 9 articles left in this campaign. Good news though: Ezines is getting on the ball, and 3 articles were approved within the last hour or so. I thought it was past their normal hours (the submission screen always says 8:00 – 5:00), but hey, I’m not complaining. The views and click-throughs have started to go up, too, even in this short amount of time! I’m not sure if it’s because of the new articles, and if so, where they’re coming from because the articles probably aren’t indexed yet, but it’s encouraging to see the numbers go up, if only a little bit. I’m done for the night, though.


7. Back to Work…

September 8, 2009

Well, I must say that I’m really glad that God gave me a way of moving forward with my keyword research. I just spent the last half hour finding keywords, and guess what? I originally had 19 keywords for this campaign, and I wrote 19 articles. I’ve gotten 20 new keywords, and over half of them have over 1,000 monthly searches! I also found another gold nugget with 8,100 searches and 30,200 competition, but I analyzed the results and I know I can make the front page for it. While I was doing the research, I was hesitant about putting a keyword on the list because it had such high competition numbers (the one with the highest has 68,000), but in those cases I always found that an Ezine article had made the front page. I ran the URL through a couple backlink checkers, and it didn’t have ANY backlinks, so all I have to do is write an article, submit it, and I’ll be right there getting a piece of the pie too!

Get ready for a bunch of numbers. I’m a numbers guy.

No sales since yesterday’s post. Because of the long weekend, 11 articles have been pending for 5 days, which is frustrating. In 4 days, 8 articles have pulled in 1,074 views and 275 clicks, a nice 25.6% click-through. Once all of the pending articles go through, the should contribute an extra 1,477 views and 378 clicks in the same timeframe. This all translates to about 640 views and 163 clicks each day, total, for all 19 of these articles. I know that two sales isn’t much to base a pattern on, but I’m currently converting at 1 in 158 hops for a sale. After the 19 articles are live, this should translate to a sale a day, or $25/day. I realize that the 20 new keywords have different search counts and will therefore have different view counts, but just for the sake of the numbers, these 20 articles will likely add an additional 670 views and 170 clicks daily, for a grand total of 1,310 views and 333 clicks daily. 333 divided by 158 = about 2 sales a day, or $50/day from this campaign alone.

Suddenly the goal seems much, much easier.


But I’ve already spent too much time writing this post. Off to write more articles!

Hoping this post finds you successful and hard at work.



I managed to write 6 articles. I got a little distracted, taking breaks in between every article. Still, 6 articles in 3 1/2 hours isn’t bad, I don’t think. I’m kind of worried about the 10/day goal coming up soon. I’m sure I would be able to do it, but it would require discipline and focus on my part, two things that I sometimes have problems with! I’m pretty annoyed that none of my articles got approved, or even moved up a notch in the approval process, since I’ve been here. I still have one article from the last campaign which has been at 3/5 for a week or so now! It was originally submitted on 8/20, and there were a couple problems with it, and I’m still waiting for it to be approved. For some reason, it went up to 4/5 when I first started writing, but now it is back down to 3/5 again. Maybe it got lost somewhere, who knows. I’m not really that concerned about it.

I now have as many articles pending as I’ve ever submitted to Ezines. I have 17 approved articles and 17 pending articles! My article count is going to double in the next day or two! But I’m done for now. I can feel a slight headache coming on, so I need to stop, lest it get as bad as last night. Man, it was miserable…

6. A Great Breakthrough

September 7, 2009

I’m so excited right now! God has done amazing things for me this weekend!

Not only have I gotten ANOTHER sale since my last post, but I found a way around my keyword research problem! After reading Marcus’ post in the forum about Search Automator Force (a free program), I decided to give it a go just to see what it was like. It’s free, I had time to kill, so I figured I’d try it out.

Not only is it a neat program that basically puts every feature for almost every search engine on one screen, but when I do a basic Google search on it, it takes me to the NORMAL results page, not the filtered one that my school’s proxy returns! This means that I can see the results numbers and my keyword research can go forward!! I’m really happy about this. I will have to cancel the method I was about to use, which would have been slow and may have ended up costing me money.

I just wanted to make a quick post about this amazing discovery. But for now, I have a pretty bad headache, so I think I will stop for now and head back to the dorm to try and get better.

Tomorrow will be great. I will start finding keywords and writing articles and keep pushing forward!


5. The Start of a Great Thing

September 5, 2009

I only have a few minutes, but I wanted to post this here because it’s a major landmark in my internet marketing journey:


A profit of $24.93 might as well be pennies to some, but to me, it’s not about the dollar amount: By the grace of God and with His help, I made my first sale today through the efforts that I’ve been making for the past few weeks.

With one exception that only involved editing the title, 8 articles for the new campaign have been approved without a hitch, and within two days. In TWO DAYS, I have gotten as many views as I’ve had in two WEEKS for the last campaign, and just as many click-throughs. The CTR percentage is a little lower at about 19% (other campaign is getting 22%), but as long as it’s generating sales, it’s fine as far as I’m concerned. I still have 9 articles pending (I wrote three more this morning), and I am confident that the numbers will only go up once they’re through. I only have one more article to write before I’m done with this campaign, and that will have to be done later on today.

I’m just so excited! As I posted in the 4DMMB forum, I think this is the big “shove” that was needed to get the ball rolling.

Last night, I prayed that God would give me a source of income to support me while I’m here at college. He has given me what I asked for!

Even if I never get another sale, or even another view from this campaign, my motivation has skyrocketed, and the $24.93 sitting in my Clickbank account is proof that this thing works.

That’s all for now. I might make an edit later after I get done with the last article.

Stay working! If you’re not working, get started! Results come after action!


Edit, 4:34pm

I just finished and submitted the last article for this campaign. No sales since this morning, but I know that more will come when these 10 pending articles are cleared. If it took 8 articles to get one sale, I’ll surely get another with 10 more articles!

But this puts me at a standstill for moving forward. As I mentioned in the last post, I have no way to do keyword research for new campaigns since I can’t see competition numbers, other than blindly guessing at which ones might have small competition. My post on the forum has gone unanswered, but I just sent an email to David asking if he knew of any ways. I’m sure he’ll know of something.

I’m also wondering why my click-through percentage is a little lower than the last campaign’s. If anything, I think my resource boxes are stronger, and I am really pushing curiosity as the motivator to get the click-through. A quote from Travis Sago has stuck with me, too, and I don’t recall it exactly, but it’s like: “People will take action for two reasons: To avoid pain, or to gain pleasure.” I’m pushing the “avoid pain” motivator, too, because the problem these people will have can be quite embarrassing. On that note, also, I hope that these people will be sincerely helped by the program I’m promoting. I would hate to make money off of them when they’re not actually being helped. I’m not able to buy the program to see its contents and quality, but I hope that the program actually works.

I’m not quite sure where to go from here, but I will do my best to move forward. I know that if God wants me to be doing this, He will make a way: Psalm 37:25.

4. Un Jour Livre

September 3, 2009

“A free day.”

Today doesn’t have nearly as much on the schedule as yesterday did, so I should be able to get a lot done, especially since I am starting this early (8:50am). I was able to get a sixth article written yesterday. All 6 of those and the 5 from the last campaign are still pending. Ezines has been taking a lot longer to review articles lately. As others on the 4DMMB suggested, it is probably because of all the junky spun articles created by Mass Article Control, which was released a few weeks ago. I expect the 5 articles from the last campaign to go through today, and the 6 from yesterday to be approved tomorrow, probably. I can’t complain though; things are moving along much more quickly since I got Platinum status: I remember waiting the 4 or 5 aggravating days for approval when I was still a Basic author.

Speaking of the forum, I’m excited to see how many new members have been joining and getting involved in the community. About 250 people have joined since I came on board. It was just a couple weeks ago that the few posts on the forum were mostly by the same people, but now there are always new threads and posts whenever I log in. I’m always encouraged, too, when I check on the Progress and Success Stories sub-forums. Seems like more beginners are making good progress and seeing some money roll in. Interesting to note, though, that their success always comes after hard, honest work, and not from just sitting around. That’s a reminder for me to keep working, or I won’t see any success!

On that note, the more I see these programs that promise wads of money for very easy work or no work at all, I’m not only reminded that they’re probably a scam, but the more I realize that success will only come after putting in a day of good, honest, hard work, just like anything else in life. If the average business owner decided that they didn’t feel like preparing the food, filing paperwork, or doing other “chores,” they wouldn’t see success at all! I’m convinced that working online is no different. I realize that pride is a bad thing, but there is also a part of me that would like to look back and say “Yes, with God’s help, I worked for this success that I have, and didn’t take any shortcuts.”

But I need to get going and start on the 5 articles for today. Since I have so much extra time, I’m hoping to get more done.

I hope this post finds you all successful and working hard.


10:23am – Articles 1 & 2 done

Those 2 took about an hour, but I have been kind of wasting time for the past 20 minutes. I really hope that this whole thing works out and will actually start to give me an income soon. Right now I’m without any source of income. I’ve saved enough money so that I will be able to pay my few bills (cell phone and laptop loan), afford gas and other expenses for the whole semester, but I could really use some money flowing in instead of it flowing out all the time. I get my last direct deposit from my summer job tomorrow, but after that, the only thing that will be going into my checking account will be one of two things: a check from Clickbank, or a check from a regular job if I’m forced to get one. I really hope it’s not the latter. I missed out on so many activities last year because of a conflicting work schedule.

10:45am – Article 3 done

1:09pm – Article 4 done

I went to lunch after #3 and just finished #4. There is a meeting for job opportunities in the area in 20 minutes, which I will go to. Hopefully I won’t have to take advantage of any of the information that’s presented. After that I will put out #5, and then a few more hopefully.

2:26pm – Article 5 done

The meeting was quick. It looks like I’ll either be doing INTERNET marketing or TELEmarketing to support myself this semester. I had to do some telemarketing over the summer and it was miserable because I’m not good at thinking of what to say off the top of my head. At this point I have 11 articles pending for the new campaign, and 1 still pending for the last campaign. The other 4 have been approved, finally! I have nothing to do until 6:30, so I might as well keep writing. Maybe a little break first, though…

3:43pm – Article 6 done

I got a second wind after taking a small break. I read Tommy’s MMMM for this week and it encouraged me. The line that sticks with me most is “Massive action equals massive results.” I want massive results, and so does everybody else that gets involved in IM. But the thing that separates those who just want it from those who actually get it is the massive action that has to come before it. I also like something else he said: “If you believe you will gain little, your actions will be small, and your results not worth measure.” I think of that alongside Psalm 1:3, which, when talking about the righteous man, says, “And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, which bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither, and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.”

I have 7 more keywords to write articles for, and then I will either start a new campaign or look for more keywords in this niche. The current problem with my keyword research, though, is that I’m not able to see the competition numbers in a Google search because of the filter on the network at school here. It only says “Results 1-10 for [keyword] with SafeSearch on.” I tried booting up Micro Niche Finder, but it gives an error when I click on the link to get the competition. I asked if anybody on the forum knew of other ways to find the numbers, but until I find a way to get them, I will have to do my best at guessing which keywords might have low competition. I am going to try to write 2 more articles before 5:00, which is when I will have to get off for the night.

4:37pm – Articles 7 & 8 done

Phew, those last two were from nothing but willpower. My brain is done writing for the day. Good news though: the first article in the new campaign just got approved! Another is in final review right now. I hope it goes through too! Sweet, sweet progress…

3. A Frightening Update

September 2, 2009

Wow, it looks like the date has been pushed up more than a week because of two factors:

1. I put down $100 less on my first payment than I had originally intended; and

2. The due date for the remaining balance is actually a week before I thought it was.

I did the math again, and the new date to have $50/day is now:

October 18, 2009

Yikes. I better get to work instead of wasting time blogging! I have an outline for my first article in the new niche, but I need to actually write it.

Quickly, though: Ezines is ANNOYING me. Those 5 pending articles I mentioned had been rejected a couple of times for the same problem on all of them: they didn’t like a certain way that I had formatted them. Strangely enough, I did the same thing for the 5 articles that did get approved. I told customer service that I was confused because 5 had been approved and 5 hadn’t, even though they were all the same. So what did they do? After I corrected the problem in the 5 pending articles, they REMOVED my ALREADY APPROVED articles and put them in Problem status. So I just got done editing all of my articles and they better go through this time.

Anyway. I’m done here. Off to write 5 articles!


Edit 11:03am – Article 1 done

I forgot to bring my wallet with me to the library, so I can’t pick up the .info domain for the redirect; I will bring it later on tonight when I come back. Lunch is in 45 minutes, and I am going to run some errands after that, so I will be back around 5:30 to write more. I’m also going to start using a numbering and tracking system that someone posted on the 4DMMB forum so I can keep track of which articles are bringing in traffic and sales. This campaign will be the 200-number campaign: I just finished article 201 and am about to do article 202. In the tracking code for the CB hoplink, I will make a new link for each article and give it its own tracking code. The code for article 201 posted to Ezine will be “201ez,” and so on. I am going to write one more article and then head to lunch. I will keep these articles on my computer and then submit them once I have the .info domain and hoplinks set up.

11:40am – Article 2 done

This one took a lot longer than normal because I approached it in a completely different way, just to see if this way will get me any more views or click-throughs. The word count is about 600. Normally my word count is just above 250, but I am curious to see how this will play out. Now I’m going to lunch.

6:13pm – Articles 3 & 4 done

Back to the normal strategy with these two. I had various registrations after my errands, and then dinner, and now I’m back. I was able to write article 3 in my room when I had a few spare minutes. About to start on article 5 now. I’m kind of in the mood for writing, so I might keep going after that! We’ll see.

6:40pm – Article 5 done

Not sure why that one took so long. Usually I have been writing articles in 20 minutes or less. Oh well. Now that all 5 are done, I am going to get the .info domain for the redirect, set up the hoplinks, create a new pen name for this niche, and submit these 5 to Ezines. Hopefully they don’t take too long to get approved, and there won’t be any problems this time!

2. The Real First Post

September 2, 2009

Now that I have some more time…

I am all unpacked and registered for college and everything. But this is a blog about business, so let’s get down to business.

My story with internet marketing began about four months ago. I don’t remember how, but I stumbled across an ad for Partner With Paul and got really interested in the work-from-home idea. It would allow me to do the same thing from home and at college, so I wouldn’t have to worry about finding a new job all the time. Like most people searching for at-home opportunities, the impressive sales copy got me pretty interested. Thankfully, I was smart enough to check out the terms of service at the very bottom of the sales letter and saw the payment and billing information. I sent a message to “customer support” basically asking if the program was legit, easy to follow, and so on. While waiting for a response, I stumbled upon the site that got me started into the world of legitimate work-from-home opportunities:


To my great surprise, this program I was about to fork over some money for was a scam! Go figure. Looking back now, I’m not sure why I was pulled in my the claims on the site. Something I’ve discovered is that I’m easily persuaded by good sales copy, which has resulted in me putting a lot more money than I should have into IM so far.

To make a long story short, since that time I’ve basically hopped from program to program, thinking that each would be “the one.” Obviously, none of them have been “the one” or I would be rolling in wads of cash right now, as most of them have claimed I would be. Rather than having immense success from all of them, I’ve learned bits and pieces and picked up knowledge from each of them, and now I think I have a mostly complete understanding of the basics that will bring initial success. Unfortunately, my summer job took up a lot of my time (11:30 – 9:00 shift most days), so I haven’t been able to really put in a lot of hard work.

Or at least, that’s the excuse I give.

I will admit here that my biggest problem is a lack of motivation and desire to actually work to achieve results. Just like most entrepreneurs, I wish I could press the magic button and have loads of cash dumped on me. Despite the claims of dozens of programs and e-books I’ve looked at, this is not possible. Even if it were possible to earn six figures for less than three hours’ work a day, I don’t believe I would feel good about it. I’ve realized now that, just like every aspect of life, success in the online world only comes after honest, hard work. Even at this point, the modest success I’ve seen so far has only come from bucking down, opening up the word processor, and actually doing the work. The time I’ve spent not doing anything is the time I’ve spent not seeing progress.

At this point, my approach in the internet marketing game is article marketing. Despite the fact that the “big dogs” say that PPC is the way to go, I don’t have any semblance of extra money to potentially be throwing away. Besides that, I’m not yet sure where I stand on using PPC as far as my religious convictions go. I am strongly opposed to gambling (it is a waste of God-given money), and PPC may border too closely on it.

Currently, I have one campaign established and running. I have 5 articles live on Ezinearticles, which have gotten about 550 views in a week and a half, with about 130 click-throughs to a simple Weebly landing page. 5 more articles are pending. After the first 40 click-throughs resulted in no sales, I re-examined the vendor’s sale page and found it lacking. It required an email opt-in to get to the second page, which was the actual sales letter. The grammar was awkward in a few places, and the merchant apparently didn’t take the time to correct the funky symbols caused by the smart quotes from MS Word. I abandoned this vendor and went with the second, who has gotten the past 60 click-throughs. The sales page is better as far as appearance goes, and the product costs less while having about the same payout as the first vendor. However, both of these merchants have less than 1.00 gravity on Clickbank. After analyzing the competition in this niche, I found that very few are promoting either program. In fact, most of the competition that uses article marketing is doing a very poor job of it, with weak resource boxes that link to sites which have no clear purpose or product, or in some cases, linking to expired domains. I reasoned that this was why the merchants have very low gravity. But after sending 130 targeted click-throughs to their pages with no sales and only 8 order form impressions, I have decided to abandon this campaign. There are very few vendors on CB for this niche as it is, and those few either do not have high enough payouts to make it worthwhile, or in the case of my 2, are lacking on their sales pages. The only vendor with a gravity above 1.00 pays about $5 per sale. I will continue to watch this campaign to see if anything becomes of it, but I only expect a few sales at most.

For my next campaign, I have a list of 19 keywords that I am confident I can get first page ranking on. I am confident of this because there are either Ezine articles on the front page already, or there is low competition combined with non-authority sites on the front page. Most of the keywords get 1,500 monthly searches or less, but there are a few that have more, with my top keyword getting 8,100. While that keyword has over 200,000 competition, I am going to try for it because the first page does not have many authority sites, or sites that Google would deem very relevant to the keyword. Many don’t have the keyword phrase in the title, URL, or anchor text. If I need to, I will get backlinks from high PR social bookmarking sites, and other high PR sites that I have found, to boost my article’s rank. Altogether, my keywords get about 45,000 monthly searches, or 1,500 a day. Those are exciting numbers to me that almost definitely translate to daily sales, assuming all the elements are right. Today I spent some time researching my niche and market so I will be able to write natural-sounding articles that have value, and which will be able to address my readers’ problems adequately. I think I will be able to start writing tomorrow. I say “tomorrow” and not “today” because the library will be closed soon.

The course I am following is the 4-Day Money Making Blueprint. The instruction in the course is outstanding and has definitely given me what I need to get going. The support, tips, and encouragement from the forum are also a great help. I think the thing I need to improve on most is creating a strong resource box that creates interest and desire to click-through, while staying within Ezine’s guidelines (I tried a good strategy before but they rejected the article because of it). Right now, my articles are converting at about 22%. My first articles linked to a landing page on Weebly, which converts surprisingly high (about 90% I think). A few of my pending articles use a .info redirect, so 100% of the traffic will go to the sales page. I only picked up the .info domain a few days ago. I believe that my articles are well-written, and of a good quality, and convert decently well. The only problem is working up the motivation to write more!

I thought today about what my future plans would be for internet marketing, assuming I can get enough success to live off of it. My current business model, obviously, is article marketing, writing the articles myself, submitting by myself, generating backlinks by myself… Once I hit the $50/day mark, and when I have enough money to invest into my business, I would like to set up an autoresponder and get a list going, because everyone says that it’s a good idea to have one. And it makes sense: get contact info for as many leads as you can, and if they don’t buy from you on the first visit, you have an opportunity to get a sale later on by staying in touch with them, rather than letting them slip away. I had used Aweber for a previous venture, and it was very easy to work with, and the customer service was outstanding. Once I set up the list, I might hire a writer or two to increase the number of articles I put out. At that point I will either continue writing my own articles, or let the writer(s) do 100% of the writing. Once I have a healthy list and am seeing results from it, I will expand into other markets and so the same thing. Some day in the distant future, I might branch out into the dark, murky waters of PPC and see how that goes.

Now that I’ve researched a bit and have more knowledge, I am ready to start writing. The first goal I am going to set is to write 5 articles a day on four days of the week. Sundays, Thursdays, and Saturdays are pretty busy, and I don’t know if I would be able to produce that much on those days — I know I will not do any work on Sundays as a matter of religious conviction. Anything I write on Thursdays and Saturdays will be an extra bonus. This goal will be in place until the end of next week, which is when it will increase to 10 a day, assuming 5 per day has been reasonable up to that point. If I find that my articles don’t rank on the first page on their own, I will do backlink work on Fridays to boost their position.

Travis Sago says that you can expect about $20 a month for every article you submit. I know I shouldn’t be expecting concrete numbers, but 80 x $20 = $1600 a month off the bat, which is almost exactly $50 a day. That would double once I increase my goal to 10 articles per day. That’s good motivation right there.

My post ends here because the library is about to close.

Goal #1: Produce 5 Articles Per Day

1. Alpha

August 31, 2009


I wish I had time to make a proper first post/introduction, but I am going to plant a tree in about a half hour, and I need some food first. I arrived at college today and got unpacked. I was the first in my room to arrive, and I am eager to see my roommates. I know one from last year, but the other is a freshman.

I’m just throwing this post up so there is something to read here. Hopefully, I will be back in a few hours to write more.