15. Nouvelles Idées

September 18, 2009


“New ideas.” (C’est ça, oui? Il y a quelqu’un qui parle français qui veut le verifier? LOL)

So I have a couple new ideas that I’m really excited about, that I think will break through this barrier that I’ve seen to come up against. The first is the method I’ve been talking about for a couple posts — I think it will really make all the difference for this current campaign.

The second idea is…

Are you ready?

I’m going to bust into the weight loss market. “That’s suicide,” you say. For most people, yes. But I think I have a strategy that will let me target it with very little competition: it’s a strategy that was suggested by a merchant who made literal millions over the course of a year, so I think they know what they’re talking about. Regardless, I’ll give it a try, and I think it will be hard if I don’t make $50/day from it. And if it does fail, oh well; better to try and fail than to have not tried at all.

But I have class now. See you in a little while.



I haven’t started writing yet (just got up here), but I’m really pleased with the current campaign! With only 6 articles approved so far, the CTR is 30%! The last niche is hovering at about 27%, and the one before that is barely hitting 23%. My current resource box strategy is to briefly remind the visitor of their problem and the effects of it (hitting the “avoid pain” button), and then mention my solution without giving any details about it (“curiosity” button). With 6 articles ranking as well as I mentioned in the last post, I’ve sent 92 visitors to the vendor in less than two days, with 1 in 4 going to the order page. However, as I mentioned on the forum, there are no sales yet from 22 order form impressions. This is puzzling to me, considering the desperation of the market and the quality sales page. The 22 order form impressions are a good sign, but so far this merchant isn’t living up to the 5% conversion they claim. We will see how things go once the rest of the articles start going through and drawing traffic.

I wrote 1 article this morning and I will be done after today. I will start on the new method tomorrow and report how it goes.


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